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Experience Matters.

25 year proven successful business career.  Almost 20 year 11th district resident.

As a lifelong Lexingtonian, I love this city and all that it has to offer.  I love the fact that we are a community of progressive  citizens who are engaged in our city and determined to help it move forward in so many ways.

For all of the good in this city, maintaining that and moving us forward will require lots of hard work in both the near and long term.  New ideas and new faces will be required to tackle those problems and push for and adopt innovative solutions to matters that are both common to cities of our size, as well as unique to this beautiful place that we call home.

As a resident of the 11th district for nearly 2 decades and 10 years in school before that, as well as a property owner, I am familiar with all that it has to offer to those of us who know about it, and to those of us who haven’t yet discovered one of Lexington’s most vibrant and diverse community districts.


I am running because I care about the same issues you care about.


I want our roads and infrastructure to be safe and maintained.  I want the streets cleared of snow promptly after a storm so I can get to work.

I want our neighborhoods kept safe for our families, parents and children by ensuring our police and fire and EMS first responders have the funding and manpower that they need to do their job so I know someone is on the way when I call 911.  I want them, and all public employees to have the pensions they were promised.

I want our parks and public areas kept safe, crime free and maintained.

I want all of our 11th district residents to be treated respectfully and equally in their interactions with the city - be it at the police and fire level, or in any other interactions they may have.

These issues affect the value of not just our homes in the district, but also the quality of life and community that we share in Lexington's 11th district.


My pledge to 11th district residents:


Accessibility - I will be available as needed to the residents and Neighborhood Associations in my district on a regular basis, Including open meetings in the district on a quarterly basis, or more often as needed, where I will be available to discuss matters of interest.

Listening - As the 11th district council member, I will vote on issues that matter to the district according to the feedback and wishes of residents and will be engaged in this process together with you.

Promoting the 11th District - I will work closely with residents, property owners and business owners in the district to take advantage of the diversity of the Gardenside and Cardinal Valley retail areas and help work towards regrowth and a new appreciation city wide for what they have to offer - to make them a dining, shopping and entertainment destination much like Walton Avenue, Manchester Street, and Southland Drive have done.

Beautification and Enhancement of the District - I will work with Neighborhood Associations and the LFUCG  Corridors Commission to enhance and beautify the Versailles Road Corridor which is the true gateway to Lexington, leading from downtown to both the Bluegrass Airport and Keeneland destinations. My goals are to work on street trees and landscaping along the corridor, sidewalk and curb repair and replacement, benches and signage and other upgrades which will enhance the corridor.  Together we can make the 11th district a place we are proud to call home.

Public Safety - From day one, I will work closely with our first responders and residents to make sure that they are visible in the district and have the tools they need to do their job - including manpower and support, community outreach and opportunities for all residents to interact with those who protect and serve them.

I look forward to working with you and hearing your thoughts on how we can work together to improve and enhance the 11th district.

- David Jones


Paid for by David Jones for 11th District Council, M. Melinda Karns, Treasurer
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