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Solutions, Not Slogans

As a 20 year 11th district resident, I know the problems we face.  I know the solutions we need. I have talked with hundreds of 11th district residents, and we all share the same agenda.

We all want crime reduced.  We want our commercial corridors revitalized.  We want our property values to increase and our quality of life to increase.

As a voter, I expect candidates seeking to represent me to offer a real and genuine plan, in detail, about how they will make my district better.  As a candidate, I hold myself to the same standard.

I won’t waste your time with empty promises.  I won’t waste your time with meaningless slogans.  I won’t talk about a project I solved 20 years ago and say “trust me” and elect me. I will give you my actual plan to improve the 11th.  

I continue to offer Real Solutions to Real Problems, not vague tired slogans and empty promises and maybes.

Therefore, Today I expand on my Roadmap to Revitalization of the 11th District and  offer a comprehensive plan to reduce crime and revitalize and improve the entire 11th district.

  1. More Lighting on all streets, all commercial properties and all multi family properties of 3 units or more.  

  2. More Cameras on all city streets and  parks and any city owned property in the 11th and I would work with private property owners to install modern and high quality cameras and eliminate blind spots in the neighborhoods and on all commercial and multifamily properties.  With the property owners’ consent and permission those cameras will be used to supplement public cameras and help deter crime and criminal activity. The increased presence of cameras will be publicized as a deterrent to crime.

  3. I will work closely and extensively with Code Enforcement to enforce existing ordinances requiring owners of abandoned buildings to improve their facades and install working doors and windows and to repair all broken windows and exterior doors.

  4. I will work with property owners to rehab existing vacant properties and help connect them with existing grant money to discourage and deter vacant properties, lowering crime and increasing our property tax revenues.

  5. I will work with state legislators to fast track the foreclosure process to avoid blighted properties and impose strict requirements on lenders of properties in foreclosures and allow the city to have a priority lien.  Require banks and mortgage holders of properties in foreclosure to maintain the exteriors of those properties, especially with mowing yards, by working with Code Enforcement to enforce existing ordinances. Accelerating the foreclosure process enables the mortgage servicer in many cases to get possession of the property before it deteriorates.

  6. Working with code enforcement  I propose Property Management Companies in Fayette County Register with Code Enforcement so that there is a direct email, telephone and contact person whom Code Enforcement can interact with to speed up correction of violations.  There can be a minor annual fee of $100 per management company and this can be waived for 2 years and can be payable in year 3.

  7. All large scale concentrated multi family properties should have an annual exterior inspection in certain areas  This would be under the direction of code enforcement. Buildings that meet minimum standards would be exempt from inspection except for every 4 years.

  8. More dead end streets and less through streets.  It is proven that closed off streets and streets with less points of entrance and egress are safer and less violence prone.  I would work with residents and engineering to determine which streets in the Cardinal Valley and Oxford Circle area could benefit from this change.  

  9. Neighborhood watch signs should be installed throughout the district, and an active and participating neighborhood watch should be established, supported and maintained in every neighborhood.  This will be facilitated through existing, new, and revived Neighborhood Associations.

  10. Litter should be picked up regularly.  A combination of resident volunteers, business and commercial property owners, detention center labor and the labor from the city program to end panhandling could achieve this.  We would also utilize this work force to repaint store fronts and cover over graffiti.

  11. Neighborhood name signs.  Signs at the entrance to each neighborhood should indicate the name of each neighborhood, year established, and indicate the unique character of each neighborhood.  Grant money exist for this, and I will facilitate designs from local artists and selected by the residents of each neighborhood.

  12. Waterways clean and clear with walk paths.  Working with the urban forester, all waterways in the 11th district that can be should be cleared of brush and overgrowth and be visible and highlighted.  Walk paths and observation points, lighting, picnic areas, bike paths, replanting and similar improvements should be done to highlight, not hide these features.  Waterways are valued, and they should not be hidden.

  13. 30 police officers recruited to live in the district with $10,000 down payment assistance each.  I propose to recruit 30 police officers to buy homes in the cardinal valley area and park their cruisers throughout the district when off duty.  This is a proven deterrent to criminal activity. To encourage this, I would work with state agencies and community banks to get below market mortgage rates, and I would propose that the city provide each officer up to $10,000 in upfront down payment assistance which would be forgiven after 5 years of owner occupied residency by those officers.

  14. Vacant commercial properties can no longer have plywood boarded up windows but rather must have polycarbonate clearboarding. This is a proven deterrent to crime, graffiti and vandalism.  They must be maintained to the same exterior standards of occupied commercial properties and should be well painted and have the grass and landscape beds mowed and weeded.

  15. I will work with area residents and compile a wish list of businesses that are desired in the 11th district commercial corridors- such as coffee shops, restaurants, bookstores, local retail, art galleries and  will actively recruit those businesses and will work to support and find public grant money to help them relocate in the 11th.

  16. I will work with existing businesses to form a district 11 commercial guild to pool money for advertising and highlight their offerings.  I will help connect them with experienced business leaders in the community to help them grow. I will help them obtain public and private grant money to upgrade storefronts, add outdoor seating, landscaping, and physical improvements to help them grow their businesses.

  17. I will propose an art gallery district within the 11th and work to  find public grant money to help them relocate in the 11th. I will work to find public grant money to subsidize formation and relocation of art studios and workshops, and living spaces for artists, to relocate in the 11th district.

  18. Public murals and art pieces would be sponsored by public and private funds throughout the district.

  19. I will actively work with our state leaders in Frankfort to get every area of the 11th district that qualifies designated an Opportunity Zone by the U S Treasury Department.  This will invite and encourage private investment paid for by Federal Government benefits without cost to the city of Lexington.

  20. I will actively work with our state leaders in Frankfort to get every area of the 11th district that qualifies designated and eligible for a Community Reinvestment Act certification along with long term property tax abatement.

  21. I will work with state Legislators to get much of the 11th district commercial corridors and highly concentrated multifamily areas eligible for Tax Increment Financing which will encourage private development.

  22. I will oppose more relocation of social service agencies in the Versailles Road Corridor.  I support this work but they must not all be concentrated in any one area of the city, and especially not in an area that needs revitalization.

  23. I will propose and work towards a long term property tax abatement program which has been proven to be a valuable tool to encourage reinvestment in older areas, and will also protect long term property owners from being displaced from rising property taxes.

  24. I will seek to improve our parks and public spaces in the 11th district with public money that is available as well as selling naming rights to corporate sponsors like the Fifth Third pavilion downtown.

Paid for by David Jones for 11th District Council, M. Melinda Karns, Treasurer
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