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Experience Matters.

25 year proven successful business career.  Almost 20 year 11th district resident.

Issues For The 11th District that I will fight for:  

Day 1, Job 1

1.  Reduce Crime in the 11th District and the Cardinal Valley Neighborhood

No other issue matters at all in the 11th if we are not safe to walk anywhere, anytime, and if kids can't safely walk to schools, playgrounds or parks, or residents can't safely walk to restaurants, pharmacies and the grocery stores.

How do we solve this?

More and visible police patrols, a Police Substation, and a Public Private Partnership to actively fight major and minor crimes in the district to increase personal safety and property values.  Reduced rent for law enforcement to live in the district.  More training operations for new officers.  Neighborhood specific federal grants for increased officers and visibility and manpower.  A concerted community effort from residents, the city, business owners and property owners to fix this issue in the 11th.

2.  Versailles Road Corridor Upgrade

Versailles Road is the gateway to the heart of the city from the airport and Keeneland.  Enhanced sidewalks and curbs, street signage, lighting, major intersection upgrades and natural landscape screening along the corridor.  

By working together with businesses and property owners along the corridor, the entire district can be enhanced and will encourage more retail and restaurant investment and walkable neighborhoods and commercial areas.  Increased safety and enhanced streetscape leads to increased property values and a better 11th for everyone.


Paid for by David Jones for 11th District Council, M. Melinda Karns, Treasurer
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